Unfortunately for the customer, this category holds a large portion of my work, surprisingly in some of the finer homes in our area.

REPAIRS are needed because of accidents, for example, pet stains, stains due to spills, and tears due to moving furniture. Most of the time, repairs can be performed with left0ver carpet pieces for the original installation.  If no patches are available, carpet can be scavenged from inconspicuous areas of the home and use for the repair.

RE-STRETCHING is a big issue in the carpet industry.  Time and time again, I go into beautiful homes with expensive carpet in key areas to find it has wrinkled.  Here again, I emphasize the importance of using an expert installer.

I have re-stretched over 100 batches of carpet in my service area.  I use a power stretcher to ensure the carpet is pulled as tight as possible.  Re-stretching carpet it a very cost effective way of over coming an unsightly and unsafe situation.  Simon’s Flooring moves all furniture necessary to get the job done.   And in some cases, we have removed failing padding from under carpet that is still in good condition.  All you need to do then is give the carpet a good cleaning.

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