Sales and/or installation of carpet are the largest sectors of my business.  All too often, customers overlook the fiber and backing of the carpet itself and shop mainly on color alone.  Certainly you should have the color you prefer, but it is best to be educated on the composition of the carpet: fiber, backing and installation process.

Choosing the wrong carpet leads to premature and accelerated wear of the carpet.  While I understand the cost dictates a majority of decisions, we will be glad to show you how to invest wisely in all the areas of your home.  With the many different recycled yarns on the market today, it can be confusing which is best for your home: nylon, polyester, olefin fibers made from polypropylene or wools?  Simon’s Flooring will help you understand these choices, and the type of installation suitable for your particular choices.

With Internet sales and the big box companies on the increase, we will assist you with these purchases with measurements, shipping, delivery, and storage.

Should you purchase your carpet and only need Simon’s Flooring for installation, we are glad to be of service.

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