Simon’s Flooring offers a wide range of prefinished hardwoods.  Starting at the 2 ¼” traditional to the 3 ¼” modern.  We also offer wider 5” – 8” planks.  Many of our clients are in the Tellico Village area.

Many factors need to be considered before you invest in the wood flooring you want.  During the first consultation, we explain all of these one-by-one.  We also inspect the floors assess the condition of the subfloor for any uneven areas during this first visit.

Remember, carpet and pad hides joints in the subfloor.  Often we need to re-screw and re-sand the subfloor to ensure the hardwood floor can be successfully installed.

When changing from carpet to hardwood, one may want to consider replacement of the original baseboard with a new taller style that will accentuate the hardwood.  My hardwood crew includes two master carpenters so woodworking improvements are a strong option with optimal outcome.  A little imagination goes a long way.

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