New tile flooring in kitchens and bathrooms is an elegant improvement to a home. The choices in tile are endless. Basic designs speak loudly, but again professional installation is a must for the longevity of your floor.

The tile, mortars and grouts of nowadays are top notch, but we still see failing installations.  The American National Standards Institute provides current, critical information on the mixing of mortars and grouts.  Here at Simon’s Flooring we pride ourselves on understanding and following the guidelines of the products to produce what should be an almost permanent installation.

Homeowners whose tile is loose because the grout or mortar is cracking and disintegrating often call on Simon’s Flooring for help.  Repairs on tile are possible, but are limited to having replacement tile and grout.

Whether you want to install a new backsplash or replace an existing one, call us.  Designs are endless, but we will gladly sit with you, look at your space and share ideas.

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